Sheikh Rashid says he predicted Shehabz will prevail


Awami Muslim League chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Monday said he had already predicted Shehbaz Sharif will prevail over Nawaz in politics.

Talking to media outside the anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi, Rashid said copies of three cases relating to May 9 incident had been provided to them.

He said 17 cases about May 9 were pending against them in courts. Out of these cases, 11 cases were under adjudication in the anti-terrorism courts. He said he will appear before the court on the next hearing date.

He said he had predicted long ago that Shehbaz’s politics will prevail.

The former federal minister said those who had to run the government should run it but innocent people should be released. “The jails are full. Our silence will bear fruit. We will defend ourselves in court. We are not begging for our release orders,” said the senior politician.

The former minister said, “We want stove of the poor to keep burning. Pakistan should move forward because the poor people’s woes were on the rise and their condition was really bad. On 27th of Ramazan, the power that be should announce pardon for the poor.”

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