Punjab government issues gazette notification of controversial Defamation Law 2024


Punjab government has issued the gazette notification of Punjab Defamation Law 2024.

The bill has been become law and applicable on every citizen in Punjab.

Under the Punjab Defamation Law, the offender will pay fine of 3 million before trial. On evidence of accusation, social media account of offender will be blocked.

Tribunals will be formed that will announce the verdict within 180 days. No one can share opinion including journalists, lawyers on ongoing cases in tribunal.

High courts benches will hear the cases of personalities holding constitutional offices.

Dissemination of fake news, dis/misinformation on print, electronic and social media is prohibited under this law.

Earlier, the Governor House confirmed signing the Defamation Bill by Acting Punjab Governor Malik Ahmed Khan.

The Punjab Defamation Bill 2024 was passed by the Punjab Assembly on May 20, which was sent to Punjab Governor Sardar Salim Haider for approval.

The Punjab Defamation Act 2024 has been challenged in the Lahore High Court hours after it was signed by Acting Punjab Governor Malik Ahmed Khan.

The petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court by journalist Jafar Ahmed Yar and Raja Riaz through Advocate Nadeem Sarwar. In the petition, the Punjab chief minister and governor through principal secretary and Punjab government have been made parties.

The petitioner has taken the stance that the defamation law violates the constitution and law. In the presence of the defamation ordinance and the defamation act, a new law cannot be made.

The petitioner said the government did not make consultations with the journalists while enacting the new law. He said the defamation law was brought in haste to curb freedom of journalists and media.

The petitioner prayed to the court to declare the defamation law null and void and stop its implementation till a final decision on the petition.

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