KP roads, Karakoram Highway blocked due to landslides and harsh weather


A landslide near Dasu, Kohistan caused authorities to block the Karakoram Highway for all kinds of traffic on Monday, Radio Pakistan reported.

The Astore Valley Road was also blocked in Dashki. Gilgit Baltistan Disaster Management Authority Director General Fareeh Ahmed also advised residents to avoid unnecessary travel, Radio Pakistan said.

Meanwhile, in Galiyat and Abbottabad life was disrupted due to harsh weather and heavy snowfall, which, according to predictions by the Met Department, will continue. Several feet snow blocked roads leading to and out of the areas and the Galiyat Development Authority advised tourists not to travel to Nathiagali, Dunga Gali, Changla Gali, Ayubia and Thandiyani until the roads have cleared up.

At least 30 villages, including Namli Mera, Keri Raieky, Kala Bagh, Ziarat Masoom, Bakot, Phalkot, Bagan, Ayubia, Jsatar, are completely disconnected from Nathiagali due to the weather.

The local police have been directed to remain on high alert and assist tourists that are already in the weather-affected areas.

Abbottabad to Nathiagali road has been completely closed off for all sorts of traffic from Bagnoter onward and Abbottabad-Thandiyani road has been blocked from Kala Pani.

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