Dr Asad Majeed Khan presents credentials to US President Donald Trump


Dr Asad Majeed Khan, Pakistan’s new Ambassador to the United States, presented his credentials to US President Donald Trump at a ceremony held at the White House, a press release issued from the country’s mission in Washington said on Saturday.

“Ambassador Khan conveyed the greetings of Pakistan’s leadership to President Trump who reciprocated with similar positive sentiments for Prime Minister Imran Khan,” read the press release.

President Trump, according to the press release, said that he wants to explore opportunities for the two countries to work closely together and to renew their partnership.

The new envoy arrived in Washington earlier this week to take charge of the effort to renew once close relationship between the US and Pakistan.

Dr Majeed, until recently Pakistan’s ambassador in Tokyo, replaced Ali Jehangir Siddiqui who was appointed by the PML-N government days before its departure. Siddiqui held the position for more than seven months from May 9 to Dec 25, 2018 before being relieved of his duties by the incumbent PTI government.

Ambassador Majeed, who was also Pakistan’s deputy ambassador in Washington till 2015, is expected to revive Pakistani lobbies on the Hill that once played an effective role in promoting bilateral ties but have become ineffective due to internal disputes and lack of interest.

The new envoy’s efforts to re-engage with the Pakistani-American community will be restricted by a US ban that prohibits Pakis­tani diplomats from travelling outside of a 25-mile radius around Washington without approval.

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