Covid-19 outbreak: Saudi Arabia suspends international flights and land and sea entry for a week


CAIRO – Saudi Arabia suspended late on Sunday all international commercial flights for a renewable week except for the foreign flights already in the kingdom which will be allowed to leave, state news agency SPA reported quoting an interior ministry source.

The source added the entry to the kingdom through land and sea ports will be also suspended for a renewable week, and those measures come after the spread of a new strain of COVID-19 among number of countries. 

Meanwhile, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesman, Abdullah Khan said that the flights are being stopped due to resurgence of COVID-19 and duration of this suspension may be further extended.

He said national flag carrier has decided to cancel its flight numbers PK-9739 and PK-9760 from Multan and Lahore to Jeddah.

He said flights from Lahore to Medina, Medina to Karachi, Madina to Multan and Karachi-Jeddah-Karachi are also suspended.

The spokesman said that these flights would remain cancelled till Saudi Arabia opens their airspace for international flights.

He advised passengers to contact concerned PIA officials via 786-786-111 for their queries and guidance besides getting registered their correct contact numbers, through PIA call centers, so that they may be kept updated about flight status.

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